The Village

Nowadays Archanes is a beautiful town, in a productive greenfield area with extensive vinery, that produces a wine known for its good quality.

The settlement of Archanes reveals great architecture interest because of its preservation of traditional, authentic architectural physiognomy, as far as both public and private buildings are concerned.

Two hundred and more traditional buildings have already been preserved and refurbished. Some of them are the old elementary school at the entrance of the village, the City Hall, the Central Market, the building that holds the archeological collection, the very old Churches.

All of the above have been attended with the traditional structural material in the colors of ochre and Minoan red.

History and Hospitality
Never More Iconic

Quality of life

The municipality of Archanes has made huge efforts for the place’s stand-out and the creation of high quality of life for its residents.

As a consequence, Archanes fairly won the first award in the category titled « Integrated and Sustainable Development of Extreme Quality”, in the contest for the title “European Upgraded Village Award”, in which took part a lot of European villages.