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Troullos Traditional Houses

Troullos Traditional Houses are the best choice for winter or summer holidays for fans of nature and traditional hospitality.
An ideal refuge for relaxation and for the study of the extensive area of Archanes with its amazing natural landscape and antiquities.

The Location

A short distance from Heraklion, Crete, just 14 km from the city of Heraklion, in the traditional village of Ano Archanes, are the “TROULLOS Traditional Houses”.

The houses are located in the area of the Turkish neighborhood, where excavations have revealed very interesting ruins from the Minoan period and where it is speculated that the king of Knossos had his summer palace.

Troullos Traditional Houses

The Houses are divided into self-contained, fully equipped apartments, which, according to the spilled lead on the stone of the front door, were built in 1871.

These houses were redesigned and renovated in 2004, with respect to local aesthetics and tradition, in order to provide visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the Cretan culture.

Troullos Traditional Houses,
A 4 Star Accommodation based on Hellenic Tourism Organization rating – EOT.

Their warm atmosphere and discreet luxury, vary from each other giving the visitor
various choices of accommodation.


The Houses

Choose from one-room or two-room apartments, two-floor apartments, or two-floor with antiques, each one having different decoration and constructing characteristics as well as different capacities.

The traditional architecture elements, such as the different fireplaces, the wooden ceilings and the antique furniture, are combined with all modern appliances, like Air conditioning, T.V., bathrooms with showers or bathtubs and kitchens fully equipped, with the purpose of offering you authentic Cretan hospitality as well as a comfortable environment.
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Archanes fairly won the first award in the category titled Integrated and Sustainable Development of Extreme Quality in the contest for the title
“European Upgraded Village Award”.

History and Hospitality

We are referring to a prototype village, with rich archeological and architectural inheritance, as it was first populated 5000 years ago. It is 10 km south of Knossos and has a great archeological interest since ancient Aharna was a great Minoan city that flourished between 2500 and 1400 b.c.

The mountain Giouktas (the holy mountain of the Minoans), which shades over Archanes is of most significance, not only for its location and for its shape that resembles a human head, but also for the discovery of four sanctums. The holy mountain Giouktas took its name after Zeus (Jupiter), where, according to myths and legends, the ancient god was buried.
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